Girl on top of guy making out after meeting at a bar

There a lot of different ways to hit on girls and by no means is there a one-size fits all strategy for every girl on the planet. However there is not doubt that there are go-to strategies and techniques that definitely work better than others. Here are some quick tips to get you prepared to hit on girls.

1. Look at her mouth - Okay, obviously you need to spend the majority of the time focusing on her eyes, however there are times when looking at a girls mouth can actually make her think of sex…timing on this is everything.

2. Don’t face a woman too early - You can really ruin things for yourself quickly if you face a women too early. What will happen is that you’ll intimidate them or make them think you are desparate. Stick to talking to them from the side…at least until you build some raport.

3. Use the ‘consistency’ trick - More on this later…

4. Women don’t really want the following: Money, Big Muscles, Good Looks or a Full Head of Hair. What they do want is too be talking to the guy that they think other women want to be talking to…what is actually going on is something called pre-selection.

I hope this helps you get a feel for what you should and should not do when talking to a girl. Another important point is that it may help if you don’t look at the situation like you are hitting on her. Take it from the angle that you are just interested in getting to know her. If you begin to adopt this mindset and use some of the strategies above, you should have no problem having success.

Good luck!

The Hit On A Girl Team

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